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Floating in Paradise!


Or should I say living on the edge.  This photo is from here, along with an article about swimming in a rock pool, called Devil’s Pool, located at the top of Victoria Falls in Africa.  The falls are situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Although I have visited the falls many times (from the Zimbabwe side) and even whitewater rafted down the Zambezi, I have never taken a dip in Devil’s Pool.  I actually feel quite cheated now.  I will have to go back and do that. At the time of my visits I did not know the pool existed.  It is easy for me to say I would have taken a dip in it as I sit here safe and sound in front of my computer, but I would love the chance.  I have stood at the edge of those falls and I have marvelled at the pure granduer.  I am sure it would be even more awesome from the edge of Devil’s Pool!


What is that saying, “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room!” Well these people are definitely not taking up too much room!